The Promise to Never Forget

Is it possible to be selfless again? America came together back in 2001 because there wasn’t social media offering up the latest conspiracy theory, spreading false information, and providing annoying clickbait or ignorant memes. We’re mad the Tribute in Light is being displayed in a different way this year – we feel we’re forgetting those who lost their lives so selflessly years ago, but we … Continue reading The Promise to Never Forget

Let’s go Back to Being Good People

This pandemic has brought out the nastiest side of people and quite frankly, I’m appalled at the things people are saying and doing. What happened to not saying anything if you don’t have something nice to say? What happened to spreading kindness and joy and love? I’m challenging all of you, myself included, to state what you are thankful for, what you are grateful for, … Continue reading Let’s go Back to Being Good People

Fish Fry Finale

During the global pandemic caused by COVID-19, the Norvelt VFD and Ladies Auxiliary put an abrupt stop to the Lenten Fish Fry season due to the safety of our volunteers and supporters. Our biggest fundraiser of the year. Stopped. Not even halfway through the season. No fundraisers. The club is closed. The hall stopped having events. Members of the fire department and ladies auxiliary were … Continue reading Fish Fry Finale

Quarantine Thoughts During a Global Pandemic

Now is the time I wish I had the words – the magic words that would make everyone’s fear, anxiety and worry go away. But unfortunately that’s not how it works. I keep thinking of hope. A word, feeling and emotion that I’ve clung to heavily since high school. When all seems lost, hope is the thing that keeps us going. Hope is there for … Continue reading Quarantine Thoughts During a Global Pandemic