What is Home?

Some people say it’s where you grew up; others say it’s the the people you’re with and where the heart is. But what if your heart is in several places?

I grew up in Huntington, WV. The people I met there, the experiences I had and the memories I hold onto will forever be a part of me. People are so quick to complain about the city they live in, and it makes me wonder why they never leave or stand up and make a change in their hometown – a place they should appreciate, despite the problems it may have. I’m proud to say WV will always be my home.

But then I went away to college, and even though I’m not fond of change, Kent, Ohio, quickly became my home. It’s where I met the people nearest to my heart and had the best time of my life. It’s where I discovered who I am and who I’m meant to be. This is when my hometown started to no longer feel like my home.

Then before I knew it, college was over and it was time to move back home, or, WV. I was back “home” with my best friends and boyfriend spread across three different states. And for some reason when I visit them, their homes feel like home. 

Not long after my student career, my family moved to Florida. So here I am, in a place I used to consider a vacation spot, trying to figure out where home is. Or if home is even a place. Is it people?

All I know is this:  I have learned to consider different places home and being with different people home. I appreciate each and every one of them and realize home will be forever changing, at least for a while. The comforting part is knowing no matter where I go, these people and places will welcome me back with open arms. 

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