Sharing Spaces 

The strangest thing happened to me and my brother this summer. We had to become roommates. At ages 23 and 19, we had to compromise on furniture placement, room and bathroom colors, decorations and who got what side of the bedroom and closet. We spent days painting, cleaning and unpacking. 

My siblings and I have gotten along pretty well our whole lives but being the only girl and middle child has had its perks. I’m not used to sharing my space, even if up until now I had a teeny tiny bedroom and a twin bed. 

This summer changed all of that. My younger brother and I learned to live in a room where our beds are about a foot and a half apart. And honestly, I wouldn’t trade the past two months for anything. 

So here’s to the kid with more weird knowledge and strange facts than I ever care to know but enjoy hearing. Who has an inside voice ten times louder than the average person’s outdoor voice. Who takes ridiculously long showers that surely drown all the fish. 

To the kid who rarely complains about anything and will help out with everything, even if that means cleaning the bathtub or sorting the laundry. Who has more books than a Barnes & Noble yet still gave me two shelves in his bookcase for my books. Who sings at the top of his lungs in a way that should make your ears bleed but instead makes you join in or laugh. 

To the kid who stayed downstairs until the late hours of the night so he wouldn’t bother me when I went to bed. Who tried to be extra quiet when he finally decided to come up to sleep. Whose alarm clock would scare me half to death every morning and he wouldn’t even hear it. 

To the kid who eats everything I pick out for myself at the grocery store. Who never opened the blinds even though I asked him to several times, and when he remembered someone else would have already done it. 

To the kid who’s going to do amazing things in his life. To the kid I get to call my brother. And as he starts another year of college and I have this room to myself, all I have to say is… Roll tide, dude.

Call your sibling, even if he or she is too cool to answer or call you back (like my older brother). If you have a sister, call her, even if she borrowed your shirt and never returned it. Call your brother, even if he’s like, “Oh, I didn’t know you had a blog,” like the one this whole post is about. And for those of you in college, don’t forget to call your parents. 

The point is, sometimes family is all you have. So keep in touch, be thankful and let them know you’re thinking about them. Let them know you care, that you appreciate them and they are loved. 


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