Shine Your Light

The children’s drama class performed two skits in church yesterday morning, and the second one really spoke to me and probably several other adults in the congregation.

This family was home during a tumultuous thunderstorm when the electricity went out. The brothers and sisters, bumping into furniture, searched frantically for flashlights. To their dismay, they had no batteries. Their parents helped them find a box of candles and some matches, but when they went to light them, the strangest thing happened.

The candles started speaking to them, giving them reasons as to why they couldn’t be lit right then.

“I’m busy meditating on enlightenment,” the first one said.

“I’m trying to get my life together,” said another.

“Now isn’t a good time,” the last one said.

The children were quick to point out to the candles that they’re supposed to be lit; it’s their job to shine light.

And they’re right. We’re here on earth to shine our light for God, yet so many times we come up with excuses, just like the candles, as to why we can’t right now. Either it’s not a good time, we’re too busy, or in our opinion our life isn’t together. But really there is no good excuse as to why we aren’t shining our light, especially since without faith, we can’t expect our lives to ever be together.

Sometimes we need to refocus on renewing our hope and shining our light. Life isn’t always perfect or easy, but it’s amazing how sharing our faith, time, or skills can make other people feel, as well as ourselves.

Our pastor said if our focus is on our comforts and abundance, that is a blatant disregard of the scripture of justice and generosity. And she’s right.

So many times we’re quick to complain, judge or ignore others, and pick the easy way out. Instead, we should be out there giving a helping hand, sharing a smile, sparing a dollar, or spreading hope.

Volunteer, give, donate. After yesterday, I know I’m going to work harder at letting my light shine and you should too. Trust me, we won’t regret it.

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