Miles From my Mama

799 miles: Approximately 12 hours and nine minutes.

That’s how far away I live from my Mama.

It’s not easy. I miss seeing her all the time. I miss yelling from my bedroom to hers. I miss grocery shopping, running errands downtown, walks on the beach, day trips to Disney, cooking dinner together.

She probably gets annoyed with my ten phone calls a day, my random FaceTime calls and how I always call her on my half hour drive home from work – but she (almost) always answers.

She’s the coolest, most fashionable mom on this planet. She’s my best friend and shopping buddy. We can talk about anything and everything.

I love that we’re both Disney World fanatics. We love sunshine, laying on the beach, eating and riding at the happiest place on earth and listening to 80’s music. We can spend hours in Hobby Lobby, Home Goods and Nordstrom.

We did our first 5K together and this last February, I wouldn’t have completed our first 10K without her by my side – pushing me, encouraging me and feeding me Mickey waffles after.

We both believe dessert goes on the left side of your stomach, and that’s why you always have room for it no matter how much dinner you eat.

We never say no to chocolate or ice cream. We speak our minds. We share everything from clothes and shoes to stories and news articles. We vent, we laugh, we cry. We still text each other pictures of outfits when packing or heading out for the evening.

We know that distance is only a number. We’re lucky to have each other, but I’m especially fortunate to have you as my Mama. Happy Mother’s Day!

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