Christmas is a Feeling

Christmas is more than just a season – it’s a feeling.

Sure, we call Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day “the holiday season,” and there are a lot of expectations society has made us feel we have to live up to during these months. But Christmas is more than that.

It’s pulling Nana’s special recipes out of the cookbook and baking yummy goodies. It’s dancing around in the kitchen with your husband while Christmas music plays throughout the house. It’s watching Christmas movies on TV for months and letting the cheer fill your living room.

It’s Christmas trees, lights and all the other decorations filling every nook and cranny. It’s mismatched ornaments we’ve gathered throughout the years or that have been passed down to us.

It’s driving around looking at Christmas lights and enjoying each other’s company. It’s a room full of family chatting and laughing, reminiscing and catching up. It’s parties with friends, staying up late and having a ball.

It’s wrapping paper, bows, shopping and traffic. It’s giving gifts and watching other’s faces light up as they rip open the boxes and see what’s inside. It’s cooking delicious meals and eating around a big table.

It’s sitting on the couch in fuzzy socks, drinking hot chocolate under the glow of the Christmas tree. It’s going Christmas caroling in the snow and watching kids smile or cry when they meet Santa.

It’s candlelight Christmas Eve service at church. It’s Christmas cards and fires crackling in the fireplace. It’s stockings hung from the mantle. It’s hustle and bustle and busyness. It’s a magical time.

I know it can be stressful for some. I know it’s not all joy and happiness for everyone. But when you take a second to just sit back and watch the feeling of Christmas work in others, it’s a beautiful thing. Take the time to pause. To be thankful for all that you have, to pray for others who don’t have it all and to remember the reason for the season. Try to spread Christmas cheer and the good news to those who aren’t really feeling it or don’t know it.

We celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. How awesome is that? A baby boy, born in Bethlehem to a young woman who listened to an angel. You know how quiet and serene it is outside when the snow falls? You truly feel like you’re in a snow globe. Time seems to stand still as you feel the snowflakes on your face, see them hit the ground, but don’t hear a sound. I like to think that’s how it was that night in the stable when Jesus was born. Although it was a joyous celebration, I bet it was quiet and calming. I bet time seemed to stand still.

When I think of all these things that Christmas is to me I feel like my heart could burst. It fills me with joy, peace, love, hope and happiness. It’s a feeling I wish I could bottle up and pull out during the harder days of the year. The days where it seems like Christmas and the holiday season is so far away. Yet, here we are again. It comes so quickly; it comes if we’re ready or not.

Christmas is a time for celebration, reflection and rejoicing. So stop stressing and start enjoying it, embracing it. Don’t let the expectations and trying to keep up with traditions keep you from remembering what it’s all about. Don’t treat it as just another holiday or you’ll miss out on feeling the spirit of Christmas.

After all, seeing isn’t believing, believing is seeing.

Merry Christmas!





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