Distraught Over Disney

I know to some it may seem silly to be distraught over Disney being closed. But when life gets too stressful or thing aren’t going my way, I’ve always had Disney to turn to. Even if I wasn’t physically in the parks, I knew others were there and magic was being created, shared, felt and passed along.

We all have childish things we turn to in times of despair – and I don’t mean childish as in immature. I mean childish as in things we used to do as as a kid that we have taken with us into adulthood because they make us feel comfortable and sane. They remind us of a time when things were simpler and we had no worries. They help us relax and steady our feet and our minds.

Being outside, playing video games, watching movies, crafting, coloring, hanging out with friends – these are just some of the things that allow us to de-stress and have our entire lives. 

Right now, we can’t eat at our favorite comfort food spots or run to Target and Marshalls to shop the stress away. We can’t meet our friends for Happy Hour or go to the gym. We can’t gather with family or go to church. We can’t spend the evening watching Magic Kingdom’s fireworks show, in person or via livestream. We can’t soak up rays on the beach. Our places of so-called magic are closed or deemed unsafe and we have to create our own magic, at home.

As negative as this all sounds, we have to remain positive. We have to turn the situation around and take control. And as I think of everything that’s going on, I’m reminded of what Walt Disney said.

“Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever.”

What are you doing to make yourself happy? How are you creating your own magic?

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