Disney World: Where Dreams Come True 

Disney World will always be the place where dreams come true and memories are made, at least for me.

After finishing trip number 20 last week, I can’t help but realize I will always be a kid at heart. Actually, I always knew this, but seriously I will never be too old for Disney World. And I’m OK with that.

There’s just something about the magic of the place that makes me light up, makes my heart beat faster and turns my face into a big cheesy grin.

I’ll never get over the thrill of the rides, the exciting shows, time spent with family and friends and the charming characters walking around. I mean, I waited in a 60 minute line to meet Anna and Elsa. An entire hour for the 60 seconds it took to snap my picture and get my autograph book signed. (And yes, I still take an autograph book.)

Don’t get me wrong, as I’ve gotten older the food and cocktail choices have also made these trips better. Whether it’s a Dole Whip, strawberry margarita, sizzling steak, Grey Goose Limon Slush – the list goes on. But I think it’s important to embrace your inner child, reminisce on favorites from the past, realize that it’s OK to act young and live in the moment. Have a Mickey waffle, a Mickey-shaped pretzel, a Mickey ice cream bar. Wear those Mickey ears and that lanyard of Disney pins. Allow yourself to be overcome with joy.

Kids these days are so caught up in looking older, acting older, growing up as quickly as possible. I think as they do get older, they’ll realize what they missed out on. Luckily for them, there will always be Disney World, if they even know who Disney characters are anymore. Why wish your childhood away?

There’s something about the smell and feel of the parks, the resorts, the stores and restaurants. And let’s not forget the parades and fireworks shows- I’m not sure which brings tears to my eyes more, the Wishes fireworks or a dazzling display to Let It Go. (I guess I’ll have to make another trip to figure it out.)

But the point is, Disney is for everyone. It continues to change and grow just as we do. It’s a place for laughing and dreaming. And in addition to exhaustion, blistered feet, a sun-kissed nose and too many souvenirs, you’ll leave with lifted spirits and a smiling heart. After all, believing is just the beginning.

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